Research on the Horror Genre in Literature and LDS Living

As a freelance editor, I have been faced with the task of editing some works that are categorized in the horror genre. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and my relationships with those of similar Christian faiths caused me to realize that sometimes there is some resistance to this genre in general.  There is a permeating idea that the genre conflicts with a spiritual desire to eradicate evil from our lives. However, I have found that evil is a part of life and we can eliminate it from our hearts but we can not pretend it doesn’t exist. In this research I explore how the horror genre is relevant to literature and how it can apply to an honest pursuit of happiness.

Research Proposal

The Significance of Evil in Literature – Proposal Smekofske

Research Paper

The Horror Genre in LDS Living and Literature

Research Visual Presentation

Horror Genre in LDS Living and Literature