There will always be a surplus of books on my shelves to help me be a better business professional and help my clients achieve their goals as well. I love the wisdom that comes from those who have paved the way.

“If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid
can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” — Seth Godin, The Purple Cow

Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement Without Giving In — Roger Fisher


This book surprised me. I felt like I had a pretty good handle on negotiating, but it turns out I was just good at giving in.  I absolutely loved the win-win mentality that this book taught and feel that it will stick with me throughout my career and life. Roger Fisher states, “The ability to see the situation as the other side sees it, as difficult as it may be, is one of the most important skills a negotiator can possess.”

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box — Arbinger Institute


Another Great book about understanding other humans and becoming empathetic with those that we work with.  It truly is through active learning and clear communication that we are able to make progress.  This book points out that much of what needs to change is ourselves.  “The bigger problem was that I couldn’t see that I had a problem.”