Contemporary literature is full of perspectives and individual experiences that add to our own understanding and enhance our empathy for others. I believe reading is the best way to fully enhance our humanity.

“Reading is individual. There is no universal standard for judging the worth of a piece of fiction.” — Orson Scott Card

Travels with Charley: In Search of America — John Steinbeck


One of the greatest pieces of Americana, we get a taste of history in this memoir written by one of America’s greatest authors.  The book is rumored to be only partially true, but the humor and humanism jump off the pages and right into your heart. The book depicts a 1960 road trip with a poodle named Charley.


The Giver — Lois Lowry

This 1993 dystopian novel might just have been the catalyst for the current surge of dystopian novels and movies.  The Giver is highly controversial and largely insightful.  In an effort to create a society of sameness some fail to remember the wisdom of learning from the past.  This novel is part of a quad and I absolutely cherish the message in these novels.