Describe a decision you made that was a failure. What happened and why?

When I managed the office for Davey Tree Expert company in Las Vegas, I once failed to have a piece of equipment returned due to the lack of a tracking system. My lack of awareness caused the company to be charged over $10,000 for a crane that was overlooked.

One of the foreman of our tree crews was faced with an emergency appendectomy.  He was in charge of a tree crew that trimmed the palm trees at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. That job required the use of a crane that cost approximately $1000 a day to rent. He failed to inform me that it needed to be collected by the rental company, and as a result it sat on the Mirage property unused for approximately 10 days. When the foreman returned to work, he told me that the crane had been left out there for those days and that we were going to be charged with an excessive bill that cannot be charged to the client. I lacked the ability to track the equipment rentals being utilized by the tree crews. As a result of this situation I was required to negotiated a price with the crane rental company which resulted in a required payment of $3,000 to them for the rental; saving our company over $7,000, this charge could be charged to the client for work that had been done. From that point on I required all the tree crews to report the equipment rentals to me so that I could track them and make sure that this situation never again occurred. This incident taught me the importance of tracking intricate details that are part of every job, and I have since been vigilant in making sure that I am aware of all the details that go into a project when I am managing it.

What is your greatest weakness?

I believe that possibly my greatest weakness can be my inability to leave a project incomplete. When I worked as the manager of Curves I was often given the task of changing the decor of the gym to coincide with promotions that were being offered. There were many nights that I spent working on those projects until they were complete. The owner was surprised that I was unwilling to take a break or leave the project incomplete until the next day.  I tend to work on something until it is done. This has been a great asset when projects are needing to be done in tight deadlines.  I am highly motivated by timelines and it is often difficult for me to put a project off for another one.  I want to complete the first project before moving on.

Why should we hire you?

There are many editors and proofreaders out there, but I believe that I may have a unique characteristic in that I have worked in the securities and accounting industry, and subsequently, I am familiar with the formats associated with a prospectus and other technical and financial documents.  I am very aware of the accuracy that is required by the SEC in their securities documents. As a freelance editor and home educator I have also been able to hone my attention to detail. I once was required to edit a book that was particularly difficult for me because it used terminology that I was not familiar with. I was able to do the necessary research to understand the subject matter and even helped the writer by educating him on a few details that he had missed.  I have a real eye for detail which makes a great proofreader and editor.

Please contact me to request a copy of my resume. Thank you.